Friday, September 30, 2005

Here is a blank card in case you want to use it for someone other than Susan. Posted by Picasa

Susan, I Hope You Get well Soon! Love, Mary Posted by Picasa

A postcard for my Mom for fall

My mother is in Loretto Nursing Home and has dementia from a brain tumor she had, now gone. To help her remember me, I have been trying to include my picture on the postcards I make for her. This is a paper postcard sent by snail mail. She doesn't do computers. LOL! It's not a great picture of me, I look really tired. I took it of myself when I was alone on the brink of the cliff at Silk Creek Retreat. Posted by Picasa


I hope you enjoy this delightful Season!



(Illustration by Mary Stebbins)
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Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love you!

I love you!
SMOOCH Posted by Picasa

Thank you for being YOU!


I had such a nice lunch with you!

You are such a sweet, loving, intelligent, competent and wonderful person.

I love you!

Mary XOX Posted by Picasa

AMARYCARDS explained

This blog is the location for my online ecards. You can use them free (if you know how), as long as you give me credit for them. If I learn how to get them set up to make it easier for you, I will. Meanwhile, it is primarily intended for ME to send cards to my friends and family, but I welcome you to use my work (as long as, as I said, you credit me for it). Thank you. Mary

PS: This blog is currently under construction, so bear with me, I'm very busy. It'll be a while before it looks the way I want it to!!