Friday, October 21, 2005

Out of the Vortex, Heidelberg Nightmare #1

Out of the Vortex, Heidleberg Nightmare #1, photoart by Mary Stebbins, for Tyree Guyton!!!

This is a paper postcard I made my mother. I put my face on it in hopes she'd remember me. (She had a brain tumor and is suffering from dementia). The neck "brace" I am wearing is actually a heating pad for the arthritis in my neck ("What a drag it is getting old.")

I am having a Photography show at the Wescott Community Center on Wescott and Euclid Aves in Syracuse November 18-30 and will probably use this image in the show and for publicity. I hope you can come to the opening or visit the show. :-) Mary

PS: if you click on the image (this one or most of the others in this and my othe blogs, you can see a much larger image. [This is true in the blog itself, I'm not sure if it is true in the email that goes with it, but if not, there is a link in the email to get you to the blog, then click the picture.])
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